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"I will dedicate every second I have to ensure you are ready to dominate the industry" - PhiBrows Master Gabriela D. Addie

Learn how to build a Six Figure income!

"Don't practice until you get it right, Practice until you can't get it wrong" -Phibrows' Master Gabriela D. Addie

What is Microblading?

Microblading is the manual skill of semi-permanent eyebrow drawing. The shape of the brow is calculated according to the golden intersection & face morphology.

  • PhiBrows courses teach how to apply pigment to the surface layer of the dermis using sterilized tools. Each pigment is specially chosen to match the natural hair or eyebrow colour. After healing, the colour may become several hues lighter than the natural hair color.
  • PhiBrows puts a distinct emphasis on symmetry, using the 'golden intersection' to help calculate the correct angles. This is done when the client's eyes are closed, as the mimetic muscles that affect eyebrows' symmetry are relaxed.
  • Strokes are drawn in the direction of the natural hairs' growth to achieve a hyper-realistic look.

Why Choose PhiBrows Microblading Training

- Opportunity to increase your income up to 10 times
- In-depth coverage of every step of the procedure
- $1,200 Professional Microblading Kit
- Discounts on all Microblading products
- Certificate of completion
- 6 Months continuous training via CraftMaster Application
- Life time support and daily communication/guidance with instructor after the hands on training
- Access to our Phibrows App that has a specialized measuring tool for natural shape and can store customer profiles such as (color, shape, preference)
- Access to a doctor to answer medical questions
- Marketing tips and advice on how to build up your clients

closeup of instructor giving contructive feedback and support



Premium Kit

During the course you'll receive a Professional Premium Microblading Kit for up to 80 clients.


Live Model Practice

The microblading courses allow you to practice techniques on both artificial and live models.


Exclusive PhiBrows App

Get access to the CraftMaster that contains exclusive measuring tools and customer profile storage. Photos, Videos, Animations, Lectures and

Student poses for camera while working with model

Life Time

how to support 24/7 access and Life Time Support. Access to hundreds of students and successful artist around the world. Access to Doctor for medical questions!

PhiBrows Microblading Training

You'll have the chance to learn every detail you need to know to make microblading a successful and high-income part of your business. 

closeup of instructor giving contructive feedback and support

Hairstroke Customization & Method

Learn how to draw thin, crisp strokes that enhance the natural brow of your clients.


Proper Tool Safety & Sterilization

Understand how to keep your tools safe before, during, and after sessions.


Natural Haircolor Matching & Enhancement

Understand the mixing techniques required to match different colors of pigment.


New Brow Technique Design & Application

Learn to create your own eyebrow styles and customize them for different clients.

Increase Your Income Up to 10x

With 6 months of continuous training and lifetime support, Phimaster Gabriela provides a premium kit, opportunity for student work on live model, demonstrations and step by step guides of building a strong client base.

Depending on your location and experience, you can make a weekly income of $4,000 and up to $208,000 a year with minimal hours! There is no requirement to purchase any expensive machines or equipment - all you need is a premium Phibrows microblading kit which is included.


$600 Deposit to secure your seat
Average Cost of A Procedure
Adjust to your location
Cost Per Procedure
Weekly Income Based On 8 Clients a Week
Annual Income
Tips are not included

In-Person Instruction from Phibrows Master Gabriela D. Addie

Gabriela holds one of the most prominent positions in the beauty industry, a PhiMaster of the PhiAcademy.

Right now Gabriela is offering a great opportunity to learn the art of a demanding procedure called microblading under her direct supervision and support. By attending this course not only do you receive detailed information on procedure, medical conditions and business tips but your also provided all of the equipment and resources to successfully launch your business after the Microblading training!

Gabriela D. Addie


Become a Certified Phibrows Artist

Earn up to $12,000 / month while enhancing your client base!

Take advantage of Gabriela's live courses now - go in-depth on each step needed from tool sterilization, shaping of eyebrows from natural bone structure, skin and medical conditions, proper applications to ensure better understanding of advanced stroke patterns, and aftercare.